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About Us

PickNPamper is an online shopping platform that gathers/offers most of the personal care, and beauty products in one place. Our aim is to provide the finest shopping experience, and to direct the shoppers towards the best products that are suitable for them. You can always find inspiration, ask questions, get recommendations and advices that are unsponsored, and real-time customer service.

Our Mission
We strive to build cooperative relationships and respect each of our publics’ voices. Our main aim is to enhance self-care, and beauty industry in the middle east. PickNPamper wants to promote people's lifestyle towards consuming clean beauty products. We vow to be honest, loyal and filled with integrity and fairness towards our society and employees, as we provide our employees with the best working environment and encourage their personal growth and unleashing their creativity. We stay involved in every step of the shopping process to ensure the highest quality, and to ensure the safety and the privacy of our customers.

Our Vision
To create a worthwhile experience for all our customers in the Middle East.